Visiting Places

Visiting Places

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Bekal Fort

The unique BekalFort stands amidst the roaming but heartening music of the seas along with theeternal note of the unending waves, carrying the thrilling memories of a bygoneera. This foremost souvenir of the 'Gods own Country' remains undeterred overthe ages as a silent witness to centuries of eventful yester years. The Bekal Fort has been a source of attraction for historians,tourists and nature - lovers for centuries since it embodies memories of aglorious past.

The Fort appears to have been built up from the seas since almost three fourthof its exterior is drenched and the waves do stroke the citadel. The Hanumantemple and the ancient Muslime Mosque nearly holdtestimony to the age-old religious harmony that prevailed in the area. Thezigzag entrance and the trenches around the fort show the defense strategyconnected with the fort.

Bekal Fort happens to be the biggest fort of Keralaspreading over forty acres. The important features of this fort are the tankwith its flight of steps, the opening of the tunnel towards the South, themagazine for keeping ammunition and the broad and wide steps leading to theObservation Tower is a rarity. From there one has ample view of all theimportant places in the vicinity like Kanhangad, Pallikare, Bekal, Kottikulam Uduma etc. Thisobservation centre has strategic significance in finding out even the smallestmovements of the enemy and ascertaining the safety of the Fort.

The resonant past and plenty of myths and legends haveearned Kannur, capital of the ancient Vadakkan Kolathiri Kingdom, thename 'the crown of Kerala'The virgin and clean beaches at Payyambalam, Meenkunnu and Kizhunna are atourist's paradise. One could lose oneself riding into the sunset at Kerala'sonly drive-in beach at Muzhippilangadi. Kannur has many monuments which were chief residences andcontrol centers during the days when British and Europeans invaded the land.There are many well known churches and temples, one even dedicated to theserpent god. Parassinikadavu, a temple in Kannur, is open to all and is the only place where one cansee the famous art form of Theyyam performed everyday. The famous snake park in Kannuris unique to it and the demonstrations there are quite popular. Visiting Thalassery you could visit not only the first gymnasticcenter but also you might be presented with an opportunity to watch superbperformances at the very birthplace of the art 'Circus'.

Payyamballam Beach - 2 kmsfrom Kannur town

This long stretch coastline with its golden sand is the oneof the most serene getaways in the crown of Kerala (Kannur).Laterite rocks paint a lovely orange backdrop on oneside of this beach. Very close to the sea is a park that also has a sectionparticularly designed for children. The many figurines erected in the area,especially the colossal sculpture of 'a mother and a child' are breathtakingpieces of art.

At a short distance from the beach isthe Payyambalam canal and a well furnishedguesthouse. Lazy strolls along the canal, pleasant boat rides in its waters andcaptivating sights of the sunset are among other things that the place has tooffer.

Fort St. Angelo - 3 kmsaway from Kannur town

This marvelous fort that is a well-known landmark of Kannur dates back to the 14 th century. From various points on this fort that iscurrently being maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, one can getpicturesque views of the Kerala coast. Standing on a high-rise, on the shoresof the Arabian Sea, the fort paints a perfect picture, especially duringsunset. Kannur fort also remains a brilliant specimenof ancient Portuguese architecture.

Muzhuppilangad Beach -15 kmsaway from Kannur & 8 kmsaway from Thalassery

This4.5 kms long stretch along the northern Kerala coast,has earned its fame not just because of its beauty, but also because of itsunique feature. This is the only drive- in beach in the state. The sea here isrelatively shallow, and there is a children's park just along the shore; makingMuzhuppilangad beach one of the best location tochill out with family. Gorgeous little huts have been built by the beach forthose who wish to stay longer. Go for a relaxing swim in the cool water, feelthe wind on your face and breathe in fresh air as you sit on the rocks, orenjoy the sun working a tan on you.

Dharmadam Island - 100 m away from sea shore

This exquisite island that was once an important tradecenter is less than a kilometer away from the Kannurshore. The fact that this island packed with coconut trees remains uninhabitedmakes it even more exotic a location- a place you would wish you were stranded!There are frequent boats to the island from both Kannurand Thalassery.

Tellicherry Fort - 20 kmsaway from Kannur

This fort that was originally built by the East IndiaCompany has seen many Indian rulers take command hence is a historicallyimportant site. The colossal structure made of red bricks, was used for variouspurposes. The place that is now looked upon as a pilgrim center was once aprison and later a currency mint.

Parassinikkadavu Temple - 20 kmsaway from Kannur

This temple where the main deity is "muthappan" is one of the famous centers of worship.The temple of South India allows non- Hindu devotees as well. The Muthappan temple has been built in a very scenic locationby the banks of a river. Tourists can make use of the boating facilities hereand also witness the famous art form of Theyyam thatis performed in the temple premises all year round.

Pazhassi Dam Site - 37 kms awayfrom Kannur

The popular dam has been built across the Kuyilurpuzha in Kannur. Itderives its name from the celebrated hero and king of ancient Kerala, Pazhassi Raja. The spot and the surrounding area are reallyalluring and there are also excellent boating facilities available here. Bytraveling a little you can also visit the birth place of the King.

PaithalMala - 44 kmsaway from Thaliparampu

Paithamala is a well drawn outmountain range. It stands abou of the mountain- bybus, jeep and foot. But it presents a good trekking opportunity and the viewfrom the top of the mountain is breathtaking. One can also try venturing intothe Kudaku forest at the North of Paitahmala

The Residence of the Gundert - 2 kms away from Thalassery

This is a place of historical importance, a chance to visitthe abode of a foreigner who contributed more to the language Malayalam thanany native had ever done. The Gundert Bungalow at Illikkunnu is where the German Missionary Herrman Gundert had lived forover two decades. The first English- Malayalam dictionary was the gift of thislinguist to Kerala and the Malayalees.

Valapattanam-7 km from Kannur

Valapattanam is to Kannur what famous Kallayi is to Kozhikode . The place earns its fame from the flourishingtimber trade and woodwork industries situated on the banks of Valapattanam River . The river canaptly be called the life of Kannur. It not onlyserves as fishing harbour, but supplies water forirrigation in almost the whole of the district.