CBSE Affiliation

CBSE NormsOf Affiliations



Our School isaffiliated to Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the

affiliationnumber is 900021 school code

Payment for thestaff is as per the 7thCentral Pay Commission.


The Vidyalayafulfills all the conditions from 01 to 11. School Kendriya Vidyalaya Payyanur,.It was established in












The Vidyalaya ishaving 34 well furnished class rooms with necessary electrical fittings andprovision for various technology aidedlearning items.


The Vidyalayahas a large hall that is developed as a RESOURCE CENTRE with computer, LCDProjector, 29" TV, DVD Player Over Head Projector and PA system.





There are 3computer labs in the Vidyalaya for different groups of students: [1] forPrimary Section with 18 computers, [2] for Juniors:VI-X,with 36 computers, and [3] Elective Students of XI & XII with 34 

Elective subjectfor Science students at the +2 level The Lab for these students is equippedwith all softwares required for their studies.



K V PAYYANNR ofimpeccable and well maintained science labs namely the physics, chemistry andbiology which are mostly used by the senior students.

The Vidyalayahas a well-equipped Physics Lab, especially for the classes IX-XII students.The Lab has all the necessary equipments and apparatus. The

The Chemistrylab has the following facilities

1) Thirty studentscan do practicals at a time.

2) LPG supply isprovided beside every seat.

3) Students fromclass IX to XII of first and second shift are using the lab.

4) Thelaboratory has sufficient for doing practicals up toclass XII.

5) Thelaboratory has all the non-consumables required for practicalsup to higher secondary stage.

6) The lab ishaving chemical and electronic balances.

The Biology Labis well-equipped with all the basic facilities for the students up to classXII. We HAVE very good collections of bottle specimens, prepared slides stuffedmaterials charts etc. Our lab is also enriched with water bath BinocularMicroscope, PH meter, Sphygmomanometer, Haemoglobinometer,Haemocytometer, Overhead projector, original HumanSkeleton etc. All these materials arearranged systematically inside the lab at the easy reach of the students.


This lab is usedby the students from classes VI to X. The lab contains facilities for carryingout the





Jingle Jim,


The Vidyalayagives coaching in various games and sports with help of expert coaches.

We have a BasketBall Court, Badminton Court, Volley Ball Court, Foot Ball and Cricket



Admission on thebasis of the admission guidelines of KVS.



All the teachersand staffs are paid as per the 6th pay commission implemented in KVS.

In-servicecourse for staffs conducted frequently.



of Education(Govt. of India)